How dirt damages Hardwood Floors

Andy Ross

All Hardwood Floors LLC


Dirt and dust on any surface are messy, but when it’s on Hardwood Floors, it can be damaging. I have listed some interesting facts on how dangerous it can be and some preventive measures you can take to reduce the risk of permanent damage.



So what’s dirt made up of anyhow that makes it a threat to your hardwood floors? Well, it’s a lot of complicated factors, but for purposes of this article, I will keep it simple. Floors are the first victim of an assault by dirt dust. Whether we track it in with our shoes or it blows in from a window. It all settles on the floor. Then, of course, we walk on them and push the dirt deep into the crevices of the wood. The elements of dirt can range from organic matter to harsh chemicals. As an example, tiny particles of soil found in your home will contain standard components such as clay and sand as well as chemical-based products like dyes, oil, salts, etc. The sand and dirt will scratch your hardwood while chemicals will eat away at their finish and structure. This kind of assault can cause discoloration as well.


A little preventive care can go along way. I suggest that you clean your hardwood regularly especially the foyer a couple of times a week. Use rugs or mats at the door.   Avoid excessive water, such as a bucket and mop, because too much moisture can be harmful. Instead, consider using misting spray mops with clean mopping pads these simple tips will go a long way in helping to reduce the threat of infractions. We here at All Hardwood Floors LLC have our own specially formulated all organic cleaning product that helps lift dirt to the surface making it easy to clean up.


A beautiful wood floor is the centerpiece of a home. And if taken care of with regular maintenance and precautions to reduce dirt and debris, it will retain its beauty and character for decades.