Can You Use Hardwoods in a Kitchen?

The answering is a confident “yes”…which is why the use of beautiful hardwoods in the kitchen is experiencing a resurgence. Once upon a time, virtually every kitchen floor in New England was made of wood. But unlike the hardwood floors your great-grandparents may have used in their kitchen, today’s are much more spill-resistant and easy to clean. You can protect yours with gorgeous finishes that add an inviting glow, while they also seal the joints and crevices so that the flooring doesn’t attract and trap dirt and dust.


Hardwood floors in the kitchen are an American classic, especially here in New England. We’re talking low maintenance, pleasing to the eye, and long-lasting. Plus, on a chilly morning hardwoods can be warmer and more comfortable underfoot. Use hardwoods to create a casual farm-to-table coziness, or an impressive metropolitan atmosphere. Exquisite hardwoods are helping define the elegant look of many of the most sleek and modern kitchens. You can use rustic-looking hardwoods to lend a chic and organic juxtaposition to modern countertops and appliances. Or choose rich, dark, ebony wood for a sophisticated look. Meanwhile, the popular gray shades of wood look great alongside stainless steel, granite, zinc, copper, or other modern kitchen surfaces. Hardwood floors can also easily be stained in just the right color to complement custom cabinetry. Or use a different color and style of hardwood flooring to make the kitchen floor distinct from hardwoods in adjacent rooms.


Call All Hardwood Floors 203-641-4666 to discuss options. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas you’ll come away with to help inspire your new or remodeled kitchen. Or maybe you are fortunate to own a home with vintage hardwood floors from a bygone era. In that case, we’ll be happy restore them to like-new low-maintenance condition with our affordable expertise. Authentic hardwood flooring can last a lifetime, and if you decide to change the look of your kitchen we can update existing hardwoods with a vibrant new color to complete the upgrade.