The Latest Data on Regional Floor Stain Popularity

By Andy Ross All hardwood Floors llC


I recently analyzed more than 500 floor installations over the past 12 months, in Connecticut and Westchester County New York. What I identified were some interesting trends in terms of what kinds of stains homeowners have been choosing. The trends might surprise you…and give you some inspiration and ideas to help you choose your own stain and color options.


Natural without Stain


The biggest winner, chosen by 28% of homeowners, is no stain at all. That’s right─the trend in stains in our area is to skip the staining process completely and just showcase the natural color of the hardwoods. Genuine hardwoods all have a gorgeous grain and color, and many people prefer for us to simply add a clear protective finish so they can enjoy the organic beauty of the wood’s own color.


Provincial & Jacobean


Two of the most popular stains are Provincial and Jacobean. Each was used about 12% of the time, because both offer a warm, rich color that is not too light or too dark. That makes these two elegant stains both very versatile, no matter what your furniture or painting scheme may be. Their neutral color is also a smart selection if you plan to sell your home and want a color that will appeal to most buyers.


Special Walnut & Espresso   


If you have lots of light in the room or a more open floor plan, darker colors can really highlight the hardwoods in a dramatic way. Nearly one out of every 10 homeowners chose Special Walnut or Espresso within the last year. These colors are somewhat lighter than regular walnut or ebony, but make a stronger statement than lighter shades.


Classic Gray   A new comer to the scene, but requires Red oak to be bleached first.


Grays are trending, especially along the shoreline. Six percent of homes, particularly in our coastal communities, chose classic gray for a less formal color that also goes well with lots of decorative color schemes. Gray is classic, but it’s also a modern classic…and you can also mix it for gray undertones with other stains.


Dark Walnut & Ebony


The darkest colors like Dark Walnut and Ebony are currently used much less frequently. They provide a very rich, sophisticated look. But dark colors more easily show dirt. Families with young children, for instance, tend to go for lighter stains that are more forgiving when it comes to cleaning. But for those who want classic, formal hardwoods, nothing makes that statement like a deep dark stain.


Other Stains


About 20% of homes selected a stain not mentioned in the color categories above. The choices are almost unlimited. It’s all about expressing your personal preferences and finding the right look to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic style. If you have questions or want help exploring various colors and wood grains, please give me a call at 203-641-4666.