Choices in Dark Hardwood Flooring Colors

Andy Ross of All Hardwood Floors has observed a trend where dark woods, which were very popular a century ago, are experiencing a comeback.

Decorative Sophistication and Drama

Hardwoods that are stained a very deep, dark color make a powerful, elegantly formal impression. Think of the beauty and sophisticated impact of an almost black, gleaming grand piano. Flooring in dark colors conveys that same style and emotion. Dark colors work especially well in larger, more open spaces where you want to create visual contrast between the rich color of the wood and the lighter colors of walls, furniture, and ceilings. A dark hardwood floor is a great choice if you want to create a classic, stately, opulent look. But a very dark hardwood floor can also lend a sleek, ultra-modern look for an upscale contemporary color scheme.

Degrees of Color

Depending upon how dark the stain you apply to it is, you’ll get varying degrees of dark color and granular texture. Colors that appear black or almost black include ebony, which resembles the color of coffee grains. Walnut is another deep, rich dark color similar to chocolate, but not as dark as ebony. Jacobean is one of the most popular and somewhat newer dark shades of hardwood stain. An expert flooring company like All Hardwood Floors can also create a custom-blended stain using a mix of dark colors such as ebony and Jacobean.

Glossiness versus Graininess

Hardwoods each have a distinctive grain pattern, and flooring can be stained to reveal and emphasize that texture or to minimize and conceal it. Lighter stains tend to bring out the contrast in the wood and highlight it, whereas dark stains – especially when they are applied in multiple coats – can effectively hide the grain beneath a smooth, almost glasslike surface. That chic black or nearly black look can be really dramatic while still showcasing the natural glow and luster of real wood. That’s why Andy suggests that you consider different stains and woods by looking at a variety of samples. Then select the one that works best for your particular decorative vision.