Don’t mind the Gap

Let’s talk about those gaps between your floor boards. When new Hardwood is installed there may be a hair line gap or two because no boards are not always exactly perfect, with that said only hairline gaps may appear here and there.


A common question that I get from my customers when they want their existing hardwood floors refinished is “can we fill in the gaps with wood filler?


The answer is yes, maybe, sometimes and not recommended. So, there can be a few answers to those questions


Real wood unlike a laminate or engineered product is still living and breathing. The moisture in the wood will react to the environment in which it lives. The environment such as weather, hot, cold, damp, dry or humid encourages the wood to expand or despand. This means that at certain times of the year or in home environment the floor boards will tighten or separate.


Minor gaps less than 1/16th of an inch should not be filled because as the wood does it’s thing the filler will tend to separate, crack and get pushed up or become lose. Now you have a mess on your hands and the gaps will reaper.


All of this and not to mention that wood flier is not made from the exact same wood as is your floor. This means when stain or polyurethane is applied, it can look much different that your floors and may look blotchy and apparent.


So, will we fill in gaps when refinishing, not always because it may not be in your best interest.


Always consult a Hardwood Floor professional when in need of repair or replacement.