To my Dear Homeowner

A message from the Wood Family

We (all the boards) have been through a traumatic event similar to a human’s triple by pass open heart surgery. We have been roughed up and had 3 or more layers of life removed from our existence. We had three infusions of stain, sealer and polyurethane injected deep into our pours. We will need some tender loving care for a while during our recovery to get back to how we used to be.
We have been given another chance at a new life and we want to be there for your pleasure and enjoyment for years to come.

So here are a few of our suggestions to help us along our road to recovery:

1. We may be dry, but we take 14 to 30 days to fully heal and harden our new Polyurethane coating (Called curing), so please wear socks for a week or so and do not God please do not drag furniture or even boxes of stuff over us as we will bruise easily. (And we don’t want those so called floor doctors to have to come back and repair any damage) To be safe wait 24 hours after we are dry to move furniture back. This ordeal has cost enough and another procedure will not be covered by my National Hardwood Wood Association health insurance)
2. If it’s humid outside give me air conditioning, if it’s cold and damp turn up the heat.
3. Do not lay down any throw rugs or mats for 2 weeks as they will tend to stick to my delicate new skin (coating)
4. Keep Fido off us for a few days especially if they have long nails and like to slip and slide allover us.
5. Use furniture pads, they are cheap at Home Depot and Lowes.
6. Do not use any kind of soap to clean me off for a while. Please refer to my discharge papers for after care instructions by Doctor Andy
7. Even after I am fully healed up drop the stilettos at the door. They really hurt.

OK so enjoy us and we will give you lot’s of pleasure and beauty for many years.


In the event of an emergency call or text my Dr. Andy at 203-641-4666