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about All Hardwood Floors, LLC

All Hardwood Floors, LLC began as PAL floor services, was founded in Norwalk Connecticut in 1963. Our family owned and operated business is built on our guiding principles of Customer Service, Quality, and Value.

Quality – We use the highest quality stains, polyurethanes, hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring products.

Customer Service – We promise exceptional customer service… GUARANTEED.

  • Constant Communication and rapid response - I will respond back to you within 15 minutes of any call or text you send me.
  • Quick Turnaround and Flexible Scheduling – as one of the area’s largest hardwood installation and refinishing providers, we have the ability to accommodate and work around your schedule.

Value - Our prices are very competitive and we’ll work with you to accommodate your budget and payment needs.

In the mid 1960s my uncle, Peter Liquori, established a commercial floor cleaning business and called it P.A.L. He indulged me by always telling me that he named it after me, because the nickname my dad gave me was "Pal." Only later in life did I realize that my uncle's business name was based on his initials, since his name was Peter A. Liquori.

PAL truckI began working for him when I was 10 years old, and learned a lot about caring for floors. Then I entered the world of finance, which was my career until 2008, when the economic crisis motivated me to look for a new opportunity.

While I was figuring out what to do next, I decided to use my down time to catch up on overdue home maintenance I'd neglected due to my busy schedule. I needed to refinish my hardwood floors, so I did what most people do. I called around and got three competitive quotes.

But I had to wait around for a week before anyone called back, and to my disbelief only one of the companies even bothered to return my call. Worse still, that company never followed up with a quote after coming to my home to access the project.

You have to understand that I've been a serial entrepreneur since the age of 12, when I started my own successful business and hired adults in my family to run it. I've owned and operated many diverse companies, and my top priority has always been superior customer service, while delivering a quality product at a fair and affordable price. That's something my mentor also emphasized, when I first met him at age 17. You may recognize his name, Stew Leonard, of the famous Stew Leonard chain of stores.

The last thing on my mind was to start a floor refinishing business, but after my bad experience with flooring companies I starting doing some research. What I found was that 97 percent of them are run by just one guy with a helper. Most aren't even licensed, don't carry adequate insurance, and are inconsistent in their service.

So I decided to change that. Over the past 12 years the little company I started has grown to be Connecticut's largest single provider of residential hardwood floor refinishing and installation services. I hope you will give me a call, and let me demonstrate to you why our reputation is so outstanding. Find out for yourself how much we are committed to making you a satisfied customer for life.

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